Government 2010 I’ll be the one trying to keep up


Government 2010 is a one day conference on 22nd October that in the organisers words “will examine how next generation government is set to change in the light of social, media and technology change.” [Disclosure: Realwire is one of the media sponsors].

I will be part of the panel discussing the impact of blogging and social media. Given the quality of the panel – Iain Dale (Dales Diary), Mick Fealty (Slugger O’Toole), Stephen Tall (Editor LibDem Voice) and Craig Elder (Conservative Online Communities Editor) – I may be like the celebrity on Question Time who has to try and keep up with the rest. Except without the celebrity :-)

The line up for the event as a whole is very high quality and by the wonders of streaming you don’t even need to travel to the venue (though you can if you wish), as the whole event will be broadcast live.

To get the conversation started the organisers have put together a quick survey about the impact of technology and new media on government and the political landscape. (Note you can skip questions if you would prefer not to disclose information like your voting preference).

As politics and new media are two of my favourite topics I am really looking forward to the day. Hope you can join us –  either in person or virtually.

Once, twice, three times a presentation

No not a new Lionel Ritchie song, but for anyone who is interested I will speaking at a number of events over the next few weeks.

First up is the Fresh Business Thinking “Hit me – An Introduction to Internet Marketing” on 21st January. Venue for the day is The Royal Statistical Society, London – numbers, right up my street.

Second is the NetImperative Digital Roadshow in Dublin on 28th January. Venue for the day is the Guinness Storehouse – even more up my street! :-)

Finally I will be speaking as part of the Media Trust’s PR Strategy and Planning training day on 3rd February. Location to be confirmed but will have to be pretty good to top the Dublin one :-)

If anyone is interested in attending either contact the organisation concerned or let me know.

Netimperative Edinburgh Roadshow – 9th October

I will be speaking at the Netimperative Roadshow in Edinburgh next week on Thursday 9th October. The event, sponsored by Blyk and .Fox Networks, is free to attend and is described by the organisers as:

This one-day conference will bring you up to speed on all aspects of successful digital marketing for your business. From designing a website for the optimum user experience, through building brands online, leveraging joined up search, to mobile marketing, social media, online PR and digital marketing.

Other speakers include Jonathan MacDonald of OgilvyOne and ex Sales Director of Blyk who will be giving the keynote address entitled “What’s the next big thing?”. If anyone is interested in attending just contact the organisers at with “Edinburgh Roadshow” in the subject or drop me a line.

Media Trust PR Strategy Seminar 25th September

Very late in the day I know, but for anyone who might still be interested I will be speaking about all things online at the Media Trust PR Strategy and Planning training event, this Thursday 25th September at BBC Broadcasting House.  The Media Trust works with not for profit organisations to support them in their promotional and community engagement activities. Other speakers include Cinzia Marrocco, Head of Communications for Sense, Gerry Hopkinson, Co-founder of Unity PR and Mary Baker, Director of Porter Novelli. The event is being chaired by Gill Dandy, Chair of the CIPR Fifth Estate group. Anybody interested in last minute attendance can find more details and booking information here.