RealWire “Releasing influence” – our new animation goes live

Following on from our Online Media animation from the start of this year we have just finished the second part of our “trilogy” – “Releasing Influence“. *Please note this animation is more self promotional in nature*.

The first part of the film follows on from “The Online Media” and describes how news releases have the potential to achieve influence in this world. The second describes how RealWire can help senders of news to do just that and also how our service helps them to understand the impact they have had.

The last of the three should be ready in a few weeks time and will deal with the importance of delivering relevance to recipients of news.

But for now here is the video. Would love to get people’s feedback.

2 thoughts on “RealWire “Releasing influence” – our new animation goes live

  1. you had me hooked with the title ‘Releasing Influence’ (fantastic!) I could have sworn I watched a BBC nature program a few Sundays ago that had the same guy narrating though

  2. Thanks Harry, glad you like the title. Will ask John (he’s our voiceover man) if he has done work for the BBC as he is recording the third voiceover for us on Tuesday. I imagine he has.

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