13.1 miles and a pair of sore feet

This Sunday, 5th October, I will be one of over 50,000 entrants into the Great North Run. This is my 5th time in the last 6 years and as my poor old body gets older it seems that much further :) However like so many others I put myself through this “pleasure” for the sense of achievement, but also to raise money for charity. In my case for the North Tyneside Carers Centre in Wallsend of which I am treasurer and a trustee. By the wonders of online widgets the graphic below allows you to track my sponsorship progress and also to join in and sponsor me too if anyone feels generous.


I also see this as a little experiment in how social media tools can help not for profit fundraising, hence I am promoting on my Facebook page, have Tweeted, emailed and now blogged. Will be interesting to see if any help to get me to my target! :)

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