13 million readers and counting

No that isn’t my RSS subscriber figure :-) today is Blog Action Day and if I can post this in the next few minutes I will just get in under the wire. With over 12,000 blogs with far more readers than I – 13 million currently according to the site – having already posted some very in depth posts I thought I would just do a little research on the relative frequency of certain related terms in Google. I think the results tell a brief story about how much attention poverty is given.

A search for “poverty” in Google finds 60 million results. Sounds a lot until you compare it to the following:

money” – 950 million
credit” – 723 million
debt” – 149 million

Of course some of these references will be using the words in other contexts e.g. “it is to his credit”, but these results arguably still reflect the world’s priorities.

But perhaps there is some hope for us yet as a search for “greed” only finds 19 million results – so at least poverty has got that one beaten?